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Stowmarket Relief Trust

Started in 1523 when Margaret Gowle left her home and land (Chilton Hall) to the church, others decided to follow suit over the centuries.

 Rents from these properties provided an income which was used to feed, clothe, and educate the poor of the town.

From providing food and clothing in the 1500s, SRT became predominately a “Fuel Charity” keeping local people warm during harsh winters.

In the Present day, We’re here to give people a helping hand when times are tough and we’re #nevermoreneeded due to the pandemic. We help those struggling to afford the bare essentials such as white goods, gas and electricity, beds and carpeting.

In addition, due to our partnership with our sister charity, The Stowmarket Education Foundation, we are able to assist in offering support towards educational goods such as books, stationary and equipment needed for higher education students.

REFERRAL ONLY. Please contact one of the below agencies who will complete the online application on your behalf.


Testimonials from our Agents

Thank you so much for helping a young lady I am working with by supplying her with the electric goods she needed. She was particularly thrilled that they were brand new.

Stowmarket Relief Trust makes a huge difference to people in this area.  Without their help, our clients would be forced into debt for basic essentials like a cooker or a fridge.  There isn’t anywhere else we could turn to get this kind of help for our clients.  It has such a positive impact on people’s lives to be given this kind of support when they need it.  Thank you Stowmarket Relief Trust.

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Testimonials from our Clients

Due to the pandemic, I had been off work on and off for about a year.  When I got my house I wasn’t able to sort out the carpets.  Without help from SRT, I wouldn’t have been able to afford the carpets and wouldn’t have been able to move in straight away.  I’m very thankful to SRT for their help.  They were absolutely brilliant.

I’d moved house and my cooker before broke and I didn’t have one. I was struggling financially, so I wasn’t able to afford a cooker. I came to Citizens Advice and they helped me apply for a grant from Stowmarket Relief Trust. It was very helpful and it made a real difference.

I was pregnant with my son and I literally had nothing – no fridge freezer, no washing machine, no cooker. I was finding it hard to try to get the money together to try to afford them, especially with a new baby as well. As I was on my own it was incredibly hard. My mum’s next-door neighbour said the Citizens Advice would be willing to help. They applied to Stowmarket Relief Trust for the things that I needed. It’s helped me out massively. I was able to move in a lot sooner.

We were very pleased to have their help. If we hadn’t of had the help our flat would still be the same as we couldn’t do this our-selves.

Stowmarket Relief Trust are the best people in the world 😊

When I met with my customer she was reluctant to let me in her flat, however with some persuasion she allowed me in.  It soon became apparent that although social activities were needed and highly important the priority was the flat. 


They had no working oven and no washing machine.

All floors needed replacing.

The flat needed a deep clean and decluttering.


Amongst other things the garden needed attention, and the soft furnishings needed replacing.

Both the customers had not accessed health care for a very long time and their health was poor.


I set to work researching for any charities and or possible grants that would be available to them.

Whilst exploring I came across the “Stowmarket Relief Trust” and made my first application.


I found the process easy and very timely.

I felt welcomed and the application was warmly received and any help I required was freely given.


Once the grant was agreed we set to work.

The grant enabled Lofty Heights to come in and complete a deep clean and declutter and the floors replaced in all rooms apart from kitchen and bathroom which the council are responsible for providing.


This has made such a difference to their flat and the quality of their lives.

White Goods

We offer relief of the purchase of approved PAT Tested white good items such as fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers. We also offer aid in covering the cost of repairs to your already owned goods.

Gas & Electricity

If you have fallen behind on your utility bills or your are sacrificing other necessities such as the weekly shop, we can assist you for a period of time to get you back on steady ground


If you flooring is proved to be dangerous or not fit for purpose, we can assist in relief for the repair or replacement of your carpets and hard flooring


We offer relief to you or your child are in need of goods for education such as books, bags, stationary and uniform. In addition, if enrolled in an high education practical course such as hairdressing, we can provide support for the purchasing of the relevant equipment.

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